Music Program at DIZA Primary School in Rwanda
Faculty of Land and Food Systems

My name is Alli, and I’m an International Nutrition student. While I was in Rwanda in fall 2012, I worked alongside a co-worker named Eric Platini who is also the Coordinator of Dufatanye Inshuti Z’Abana (DIZA) primary school. Translated into English, DIZA means “Friends of the Children”.

I integrated a music program into the curriculum of the primary school in February 2014, as there were no existing school music programs in Rwanda. The program is for 50 children aged 6 to 8 years old. In order to include as many children as possible, there is also a traditional dance component.

DIZA has helped over 50 children finish school as well as nearly 400 children with short-term support. In January 2011, as a joint initiative between DIZA and the Rwandan Children’s Project, a nursery and primary school in the town of Rwamagana, Rwanda called Friends of Children International School was opened. DIZA continues to support genocide survivors, as well as the most vulnerable children in city of Rwamagana, including orphans of other causes (particularly HIV/AIDs) and children from extremely poor families.

DIZA Rwanda Music Association is a registered non-profit organization.

The Impact:

-To bring attention to potential sponsors around the world
-To create jobs for two music teachers in Rwamagana
-To support local businesses by purchasing instruments
-To involve the community with the school and other community members
-To engage students in an exciting activity
-To restore culture and to add something special to the school and to the town of Rwamagana

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