Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences

The Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences is the largest faculty on UBC's Okanagan campus, offering over 50 undergraduate programs and seven graduate programs. Our faculty was created through a generous gift from Dr. Irving K. Barber, whose vision was to create an outstanding learning environment that would prepare students to become engaged, global citizens. We challenge our students, staff, faculty and alumni to get inspired, stretch what they are capable of and make an impact.

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Mary Ellenton
Raynard von Hahn
zsuzsi gartner
Richelle Matas
Tina Lee
Krista Stokell
Blake Carruthers
Lorena Jessop
Salman Rizvi
Brenda Eger
Brent Doberstein
Kaitlin Richardson
Megan Schafers
Sondra Eger
Jorja Eacrett
Alex Gula
Snigdha Pandit
Layne Richardson
Sarah Maryschuk
Kelly Panchyshyn
Leah Vanderwiel
David Xu
Jennifer Gilmer
Savannah Hallworth
Scott Emerson
Josephine Schrott
Jennifer Congdon
Joseph Dermo
Terina Mailer
BaoLinh Le
Nishat Tasnim
Justina Ls
Kalenna O
Kimberley Wong
Meike Wege
Matt Dows
Abdulrahman Alnaar
Christian Brandt
Lynnette Oon
Jessica Beck
Chutipa Shiengchin
jill richardson
Kirsty Rancier
Danielle Prins
Krissy Urbanovitch
Shira Sneg
Samantha Smith
Jenna Gall

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