Q Does my project need to be UBC related?
A Ideally the project is related to UBC, but this is not mandatory. The audience you are reaching will be predominantly UBC alumni, so it is in your best interest to ensure there are links to UBC in terms of the project’s focus or the people involved (faculty, alumni or students).
Q Why is UBC putting on this promotion?
A It’s all about helping our alumni and friends make a difference in the world. Your alumni association, alumni UBC, wants to support its members by helping them promote projects they are passionate about that will bring about positive change.
Q Do I have to be a UBC grad to participate?
A To participate, you must be an alumnus, donor, student, faculty or staff member of UBC.
Q How do I promote my project to win the video prize?
A Social media is a great way to promote your project, which is why the website has been designed to integrate your social media links. If you really want to win the video we suggest you get creative in promoting your project to your friends by rewarding them with shout-outs on social media.
Q Can I use this platform to fundraise for a project?
A This website should not be used for fundraising, especially in the case of UBC projects that are already the focus of university fundraising efforts. But if your project requires funding, then it is fine to highlight this under the project description if the fundraising is handled by a non UBC website.
Q What if I post a project that UBC might not approve of?
A UBC believes strongly in intellectual freedom. All posts will be reviewed for content and if that content is deemed to transgress one of three key policies at UBC (Discrimination and Harassment, Information and Privacy at UBC, Respectful Environment Statement) then it will be removed and the participant notified.
Q How do I edit my project?

Log in using the same account you used previously to upload a project (a social media or email account). Go to your project page.

On the right-hand side of the top navigation bar, you will see an "Edit Project" button. If you experience any difficulty, please contact your.evolution@ubc.ca.

Q What if I win a prize but don’t live in Vancouver or Kelowna?
A We are sorry, but the video and photography sessions are limited to Vancouver or Kelowna. If necessary, the mentoring and consultation sessions can be conducted online, but if the winner wishes to have face-to-face sessions, then they are responsible for their own travel costs.
Q Can a group submit a project, or must it be an individual?
A To qualify for prizes and be eligible for promotional support, entries should be submitted (and updated, if necessary) by one person. If more than one alumni is involved on the same project, the group should choose a representative to enter the project in the system. However, anyone in the group (or outside it) can share your project and vote for it.
Q How do I add a profile photo to my project, in addition to the top banner image?
A When you sign up for a your evolution account using a social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) your avatar/profile photo will automatically be used for your project page, but email accounts use the profile image from Gravatar.com. If you signed up with an email account and would like to add an image for yourself, please follow the steps below:
1) Create an account on https://gravatar.com by clicking "Create Your Own Gravatar"
2) Add a photo of your choosing.

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